Photo of SamRicci, a 23 years old boy with black hair
Name: Samricci
Category: Boy
Sex: male
Age: 23
Hair color:   black
Height: 176 - 188 cm
Ethnicity: hispanic

SamRicci's last log-in  
2013-12-29 17:18:21
(3 months, and 3 weeks ago.)
Overview of SamRicci's activity statistics for the year 2012

Absolute timesAverage timesLongest timePercentage
In open chat583 hours, 59 minutes17 minutes2 hours, 9 minutes74.48%
In member chat9 hours, 39 minutes1 minute33 minutes1.23%
In private chat190 hours, 26 minutes7 minutes2 hours, 45 minutes24.29%
Total time784 hours, 5 minutes

Detailed activity statistics of SamRicci for the year 2012

Time percentages of SamRicci for the year 2012

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