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    It was time for a change

    It was time for Livejasminer to change.

    Livejasminer is 5 years old and it was designed as a site that would provide ways to its members to know when their favorite Livejasmin models are online, either by e-mail alerts or by having a picture of their time habits from the activity timeline patterns.

    In these 5 years Livejasminer became known to many Livejasmin models and Studio operators who have found it to be a useful tool for checking their online times.

    The number of this kind of users has increased significantly over the last years and now they are quite a large part of Livejasminer's user base, it became apparent that Livejasminer, as it was, could not meet some of their needs and that was something that had to be addressed.

    Having these in mind amongst other ideas, it was decided to go create a totally new engine that will allow Livejasminer to adapt, extend and expand, to adapt and incorporate new technologies, to extend and add features and to expand and improve its functionality.

    Compared to the old design the new one has more features, during the next few months will be adding more new features that are under development for the moment or planned for development.

    What has changed?

    All of the major changes are done to the backend, the databases, the pages rendering engine etc are new designs, from the user's aspect it's the visual part that has changed, the detailed statistics of the models are not publicly visible anymore AND we've stopped supporting Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.

    What has been added?

    The ability to modify your account data is added, that was really missing from the old design, a messaging facility is added, for sending and receiving in-site messages and an in-site notification system is added, a system that informs the users about the status of their chosen models.

    Members who are models and/or Studio operators have additional features, they have the option to link their account with their profile pages and obtain the ability to manage their profiles (within limits).

    In the current first implementation they can add to their profile pages links of their accounts on social networks and they can set the visibility of their profiles.